My name is sara and i went to macdonalds 2 days in a row for a wrap with chicken sauce because ranch makes me sick both times i was told i could not do that and than made me pay extra for chicken sauce and than gave me a... read more

Winnipeg #2,169 rating: 1/5

I asked for a pour over decaf to which the cashier states that they "don't have ground beans and therefore can't do that." I asked "don't you have decaf beans?" She said "yes, but ... read more

Winnipeg #1,772 rating: 1/5

Owning a real estate management company requires locksmiths on a regular basis. We are proud to use Lockmish Locksmith Services as our trusted locksmith partner when referring clients in need of locksmith services. They&... read more

Winnipeg #1,382 rating: 5/5

From calling until my car was actually opened took 20 minutes; I didn't even know that was possible! Great, friendly technician. Very professional!

Winnipeg #1,381 rating: 5/5

Lockmish Locksmiths provide mobile services. They came to the parking lot at my work to make me a key for my car, because I had lost my original set!! Getting to skip towing fees/dealership fees, I was very satisfied wit... read more

Winnipeg #1,380 rating: 5/5

This place is AWFUL. The first time I went to get fills, the girl was so absolutely rude to me. She wouldn't do what I want at all and when she was "finished" just got up and walked away. Didn't direc... read more

Winnipeg #1,026 rating: 1/5

3times I asked for 1ex-large tripple-triple coffee,Plus 2 large ice calls one with topping,one without. Got to the window had topping on both .guy told me that I didn't pay for one but was wrong. I paid $11.75 for i... read more

Winnipeg #589 rating: 2/5

I was very surprised at the lack of cleaning that goes on in this tiny coffee shop. I sat for about 2 hours and watched the server use the same dingy rag over and over again without washing it before cleaning the tables.... read more

Winnipeg #291 rating: 2/5

never again. Just bad service, dirty salon, worst haircut I ever had.

Winnipeg #283 rating: 2/5

I understand you're in the business of art and making money, but would you ever put your art and skill on the line by gibing someone the ugliest tattoo in the stupidest spot on their body? Especially when they'... read more

Winnipeg #267 rating: 1/5