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     Sacred Acres Dog Resort - The Place for your Pet

Rosemary is amazing! Professional, knowledgeable and she genuinely cares. Our Warren loves to stay there and we couldn't be happier. Grooming, training, she does it all. You won't be sorry for trusting her with your fur babies. Read more

     551 Vanier Drive - Many things wronge

I have lived in this building for 2 years and iam finally leaving this place do not be fooled pay affordable cost witch is not really anymore -bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, termites. This is what you will be here and they been dealing with t... Read more

     Vic's Variety - Erik Vivian

My favourite things to be a horse and abroad and the UK is a dog that the help you need me outside of a Pokemon stations, the former prime Read more

     Holy Trinity Anglican Church - CSI Redeemer church 20 years land sale

சீஎஸ்ஐ எடையர்பாளையம் வெறும் 20 வருடம் மனை விற்பனை மட்டும்தானா அல்லது பலான தொழில் நடத்தி வேறு எதாவது விற்கிறார்களா அப்படியென்றால் அதன் விலையென்ன.பணம் ஈட்ட மனைவிற்பனையை விட மோசடியை விட இது சிறந்தது. இதற்கும் church statement உள்ள pastor secre... Read more

     Pferdeland Kennel - Excellent and High Standards

Pfederland Kennel and Julie and Richard are excellent! Stars beyond the rest! Integrity, honesty, truthful, transparent, terrific educators and communicators, exceptionally knowledgeable, trustworthy, and humble. Every positive word in ever... Read more

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