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Ottawa #3,026 rating: 5/5

Rules for being an outside vendor at Trattoria Cafe Italia 254 Preston Street. Ottawa, Ontario 1. Bring a shovel. (The side walk is 10 feet wide and they don't give a sh*t that you'll have to trudge through ... read more

Ottawa #2,728 rating: 1/5

John's rock sculptures are a wonder in themselves! It is amazing what he has captured in each sculpture and how they stand out along the river's edge. Thank you again John!!!

Ottawa #1,143 rating: 5/5

The manager of this salon, was very rude and aggressive with us. He made my friend pay for incomplete pedicure by force and called the security without even trying to discuss the situation with us politely. I had a great... read more

Ottawa #1,000 rating: 1/5

Tapping from upstairs, dog howling down, stairs sticky floors and elevators on the weekend, the office doesn't give a shit. Dog shit all over the front lawn. Other tenants slamming their door everytime they come and... read more

Ottawa #762 rating: 1/5

Enjoy doing my banking in person at this location. Staff is always helpful and friendly. They are accommodating even for last minute appointments. Highly recommend then for your financial needs.

Ottawa #691 rating: 5/5