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The owner of Benelife is without a doubt the worst owner and manager in the city. She puts a ridiculously high work load on all of her minimum wage staff, all the while dangling an empty promise of a salary over their he... read more

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My wife and I used to live in a unit at 70 Spadina Road. It was the first place our baby girl lived after she was born. I was teaching at U of T, and my wife was taking courses part-time, so it was the perfect location f... read more

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I got into a car accident and they took my car thete and three days later when I got out of the hospital I went there he wanted 600$plus the deed to my car this is not right

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I have been living at 70 Spadina Road for most of the time that I’ve studied at University of Toronto. Aside from living directly on campus, building is as close as you can get to living within walking distance to camp... read more

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Very Poor customer services, went for dim sum, there were plenty of tables, however, this waitress name Anna said its only for table of 6 or more, but we've seen 3 people seated at a table of six table, upon questio... read more

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