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     Raj's Fine Jewellery - Cheater

Raj is a big time chester. Innocent face suck client money and built a mansion. Built another store for daughter - not paying to suppliers. Never buy this place or daughters place in Vaughan. Read more

     Benelife Wellness Centre - Absolutely the Worst

The owner of Benelife is without a doubt the worst owner and manager in the city. She puts a ridiculously high work load on all of her minimum wage staff, all the while dangling an empty promise of a salary over their heads "if only they'll... Read more

     70 Spadina Rd - Family Apartment - 70 Spadina Road

My wife and I used to live in a unit at 70 Spadina Road. It was the first place our baby girl lived after she was born. I was teaching at U of T, and my wife was taking courses part-time, so it was the perfect location for us. We’ve since m... Read more

     T-Dot Auto Collision - Bunch of thiefs

I got into a car accident and they took my car thete and three days later when I got out of the hospital I went there he wanted 600$plus the deed to my car this is not right Read more

     70 Spadina Rd - Resident Owner

I have been living at 70 Spadina Road for most of the time that I’ve studied at University of Toronto. Aside from living directly on campus, building is as close as you can get to living within walking distance to campus. Plus, living at 70... Read more

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Reviews from other cities

     Superior Court of Justice (Welland) - Poor Service at Court Clerk desk

Late June 2022 experience with Court Clerk: I'm disabled and live in St Catharines, ON made special arrangements to get to Welland Superior Court. Welland Court Clerk Not helpful when filing Estate documents where I need helpful information... Read more

     Trowbridge Falls Municipal Campground - Don’t be 5 minutes late

Don’t be 5 minutes late even after being told not to worry about reservations turned away even ask if we could deal with the bill in the morning told no leave or they will call police sad place not recommend without reservation or show up a... Read more

     Shanise restaurant - Victime de vol

Hier, j’ai été victime d’un vol. J’ai payé un plat de lalo avec un plat de griot. Chaque plat coûte 10$$$. J’ai payé sur ma carte de débit, la madame m’a dit que ma carte a pas passé. Je l’ai fais confiance et j’ai recomposer mon nip. Elle... Read more

     Aamir Khalique - Mortgage Professional - Experienced and knowledgeable

Aamir is the best Mortgage broker. Word is not enough to describe of his knowledge. He approved my Mortgage in few hours. He is fast and experienced. Don’t waste your time to go to any one except Aamir Khalique. Thank you Aamir. Read more

     Emery Christie, Psychic Medium - kelvinator Air Conditioner repair

Wtfixair Repair, Replace, Maintain & Install Air conditioners & Heaters at your homes, offices, shops and buildings in Melbourne! WTFIX AIR offers high quality services for residential & commercial heating and cooling services in Melbourne Read more