I have been a member at ILKB for about a month now and I am already seeing physical changes in my body. The warm up is intense, and I've yet to make it through one without stopping. The bag work is a lot of fun and ... read more

Vancouver #3,181 rating: 5/5

Classes are full of positive energy and gives you a great workout!The staff are friendly and does an amazing job at coaching, appreciate them correcting my form. Would highly recommend!

Vancouver #3,145 rating: 5/5

From the first time I called about scheduling my introductory class the staff were so personable and helpful. I ended that first call - still nervous to try kickboxing! - but actually looking forward to meeting the train... read more

Vancouver #3,099 rating: 5/5

This place has met my expectations. When I was reading about ilovekickboxing and how the classes are structured, it intrigued my mind to try it out. I can honestly say that I enjoy this place every time I go for a workou... read more

Vancouver #3,095 rating: 5/5

Since I started going to iLoveKickboxing Vancouver my life has changed for the best! Not only the entire staff is amazing, the members are great, the location is perfect and the loud music is just what I need to get in t... read more

Vancouver #3,072 rating: 5/5

This place is amazing! The environment is electric and the owner, staff, and members are great! This is the best workout and proper techniques are taught. 100% recommended!

Vancouver #2,996 rating: 5/5

I joined ilovekickboxing back in july 2016 and lost 26 pounds in 3 months. If you dedicate yourself to this, you WILL change your life. The instructors at the location in Vancouver are amazing! Everyone makes you feel ... read more

Vancouver #2,992 rating: 5/5

Best fat burning work out I have found. Reached my goals crazy fast and have been able to stick with it. The instructors are fun, knowledgable and just great people, which makes all the difference. No one there is just i... read more

Vancouver #2,991 rating: 5/5

SO happy I joined ILKB Vancouver! The workouts are extremely efficient in structure and length and the instructors all have great, unique ways of keeping you motivated and supported (during your workout, as well as in th... read more

Vancouver #2,944 rating: 5/5

Having an outlet for pent up aggression and stress. Finding an awesome community of people to connect with. Getting so much encouragement and being challenged and pushed. Losing major lbs and inches. Building crazy endur... read more

Vancouver #2,930 rating: 5/5