I have been treated with total disrespect by the owner of this establishment...they say that they care how you look and how you feel and that is completely false..they do not stand behind their product at all and have no... read more

Surrey #2,311 rating: 1/5

a really interesting place! A rescue organization that educates - awesome!

Surrey #1,594 rating: 5/5

For all future brides, do yourselves a favour and hire a professional decorating company. Polly is the worst person to deal with and has no respect for the bride and groom. She fought with my vendors. She even had the ne... read more

Surrey #1,084 rating: 1/5

The ex owner and now ceo has anger issues. On any of his "bad days", he flips out on the closest employee in site. He has even physically assaulted an employee before for a very minor issue. He definitely shoul... read more

Surrey #870 rating: 1/5

The worst so called teacher ever. No clue even on basics. Mcdojo

Surrey #21 rating: 1/5

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Surrey #123 rating: 4/5