Stay away from this dealer they will not repair your vehicle properly under warranty for a new vehicle

London #2,647 rating: 1/5

This is old news now, but Antosz sucked me into doing orthodontist work his way, and the outcome was not good. He changed the shape of my daughters face and she suffered root loss. He pushed her bottom teeth out of her g... read more

Calgary #2,614 rating: 1/5

I've got coverered in grease at this place too, like the other guy said, got on my seat and a new jacket. Managed to talk to some guy who clearly didn't care. Go in there today, put a ten dollar bill in the cha... read more

Sudbury #2,570 rating: 1/5

This store has the cutest, quarkyest, silliest merchandise! I laughed and laughed! The employee there, Crissy, was so funny and kind; you could tell she truly loved her job. I will most certainly be coming back again.... read more

Stratford (Ontario) #2,536 rating: 5/5

The groom is unbeatable by far, no comparison to other groomers. My dog loves her and she loves them, perfectionist. The groom is so good it last for months.

#2,530 rating: 5/5

sends a doctor to bully you when you want answers on treatment of family members.have to stand up to them or they will try to intimidate you

Saskatoon #2,528 rating: 2/5

I joined ILKB Vancouver location three months ago and it has been a great experience. I noticed that my cardio is much better than before and I am stronger now. The duration of each class is 60 minutes. Each class consis... read more

Vancouver #2,495 rating: 4/5

Absolutely terrible. I booked over the phone and was told that I would be paying a flat rate per person that showed up. When I got there, he insisted that the room had a flat rate per hour, something he never told me on ... read more

Coquitlam #2,483 rating: 1/5

I bought a TV ($499) for my daughter on 1st Oct, 2016 from Leons and within 3 weeks the TV has problem “It turns off and on on its own” I went back to the LEONs and they told me that they don’t have RETURN or REPLA... read more

Brampton #2,476 rating: 1/5

I had a annoying issue on my Mercedes ML63. After spending $4200 at the dealer with no fix, I went to smaller shop and they charged me $3100 and didnt fix the problem. After going to 3 shops and spending close to $9000 f... read more

Calgary #2,467 rating: 5/5